What We Do

We help you discover the subtler better things across a framework of disciplines from thought leaders, business leaders, your team, our experiences at Container13, and best of all yourself.

Insights and new ways of working and being that help you go beyond to see the more nuanced side of things.

Insights that help you change the underlying blueprint that results in real and lasting change.

Insights that propel you to work differently setting in motion a powerful force for quiet and non-disruptive change and innovation.

Insights that help you respond to significant and rapid change in more effective ways with: 

Forward-Thinking Intelligence™

Forward-Thinking YOU™
It starts from YOU. New ways of thinking & being to be more authentic, aware, collaborative & co-creative increasing your Forward-Thinking Intelligence™.
Forward-Thinking Workplaces™
New ways of engaging everyone to discover & embrace the subtler better things from thought leaders, business leaders, your organization & Container13 to help you thrive in today’s whitewater.
Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™
Global & workplace conversations in a safe container revealing our shared wisdom & the footprints to the emerging Forward-Thinking Workplace™.
Collective Intelligence Technology
Leveraging the cloud & social technology to create a safe container where every voice can be heard to harness & leverage collective intelligence.

"Today's 'best practices' lead to dead ends; the best paths are new and untried."

~ Peter Thiel, Entrepreneur, Investor, PayPal, LinkedIn

At Container13, our philosophy is simple: most change programs are wasteful because they use ideas that worked somewhere else, ignore the experts closest to the work and information, don't change what really needs to change, and won't be fully embraced by everyone.

In short, doing what everyone else is doing isn't really working and won't work for you either. (Our research and views on this topic were published in the Cutter IT Journal, November 2012. Please contact us to request a copy.)

Learn how to co-create graceful, organic and non-disruptive change. Tap the power of collective intelligence from the true experts closest to the information and from what wants to emerge.

Did you resonate with the picture we painted above?

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Workshops & Speaking

We conduct a variety of workshops and speaking engagements based on the stories, learnings and strategies from our own evolutionary growth and experiences. Does that mean they were always easy? No, sometimes our greatest lessons come from our biggest challenges. The workshops reflect what we've learned and discovered along the way to live more fully and in the present.

When you're ready, we're ready to take the journey with you. We're here to help co-create the change you want to see in yourself, in your business, and in the world.


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