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It’s not about working harder, or smarter

It’s often difficult to come up with a title for our interviews because of the nature of the questions we ask and the limits we place on the length. There are many great ideas packed into less than 3,000 or so words.

Which idea deserves the most attention? How do we tie it all together?

When I’m feeling stuck, I walk away from it for at least a day and come back for a fresh look. That’s what happened in our latest interview with Micheal Neill, Internationally Renowned Coach and Author of Five Best Selling books.

When I read the interview again, here’s the idea that jumped out and grabbed my attention:

It’s not about working harder, or even smarter.

In eight words, it captured so much of my own growth the past 13+ years and the big idea behind the work that we do.

Everything about us and our company is oriented to helping people, organizations, and ourselves tap into a more intuitive creative collective intelligence and making the wisdom we uncover more widely known and accessible.

When you discover how to access this more intuitive creative source, it’s truly not about working harder or even smarter. Change and innovation actually start to happen naturally.

What about you?

Are you constantly striving to work harder, and smarter? Or not?

Either way, I think you’ll find our interview It’s not about working harder, or even smarter with Michael Neill compelling.

If you’re still not convinced or would like to explore this further, drop us a line and let us know where you stand. Perhaps we can help you move along this path.

Until next time, to your great work life & success!

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P. S. Thank you to everyone who participated in our last survey. The votes for launching an online workshop on Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™ first outnumbered the votes for Forward-Thinking Intelligence™ by a small margin, so that’s where we’ll start. More info will be announced very soon on the workshops. We’ve also been busy lining up schedules for the webinars with the people we interview. Look for the monthly webinars to begin again regularly starting in March after a pause in February.

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