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So much looks upside down these days

What if it’s all upside down?

At some point, many of us discover that something we were taught no longer works or something we believe is no longer true—even though everyone else believes it still works or is still true.

Take for example best practices. If you’ve ever had the mantle of “best practices” that were defined somewhere else by an unknown source held up as the “authority” for meeting a compliance requirement, you know what I mean.

In today’s connected and fast changing world, my point of view on best practices is more in line with Peter Thiel’s: “Today’s ‘best practices’ lead to dead ends; the best paths are new and untried.”

This past year I was asked by a highly-respected author and consultant in performance improvement to review his book before it was released. The book is It’s All Upside Down by Paul McMahon.

Paul’s book is filled with interesting insights and discoveries on where we are so often missing out by doing the opposite of what really works.

In our latest interview, Paul states:

“So much of what I recommend to my clients today seems completely opposite to what I was taught. The reason I wrote the book is because too many people continue to believe these upside down ideas today, and I wanted to set the record straight.”

For examples and Paul’s insights on the forward-thinking workplace, check out the interview Is Upside Down the Key to Moving Forward?

What about you?

What have you discovered that’s upside down?

Until next time, to your great work life & success!

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