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Who Isn’t Talking About Purpose?

I don’t know about you, but when almost everyone seems to be talking about how critically important something is, that’s when I really start to wonder whether it’s true or not—especially when it conflicts with my own experience. 

For some time now, I’ve harbored this feeling about purpose. Not about the purpose of the business itself or my own purpose, but the idea that this all has to be aligned and is one of the most important considerations to create a great company or a great workplace experience. 

Speaking from my own experience, I’ve worked with several organizations who had the highest and noblest of purposes that I really believed in and got behind.

However, they were some of the most unpleasant workplaces I ever experienced. 

How can that be?

Our most recent interview with Simon and Maria Robinson, the authors of the book Holonomics, may start to shed some light on why this might be the case. 

People nowadays are focusing more on finding the purpose of the company, but the issues of status, power, competition, etc. still remain. All of these things exist in large organizations, so one of the foundations of Holonomics are the universal human values… without these values being acted, present and lived, you can’t instigate work across whole organizations.

What do you think?

You can read the full interview and find more insights here: Helping People to See More and Value Everyone and Their Contribution

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