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How Important Is It for Leadership to Facilitate Engagement?

In responding to a question in a recent interview with Tom Cagley, VP at DCG Software Value, Cagley suggested that it’s “important for an organization to facilitate engagement by the way they manage.”

Cagley’s recommendation was based in part on his earlier statement that: 

Things that get people engaged are important because it pays off for the organization facilitating people to become more committed and innovative.

What do you think?

How important is it for leadership to facilitate engagement?

Several people have responded to our 1-minute survey on this topic and the results are reflecting a different perspective.

Here are a few responses:

People want to be heard first; they want to matter; they want purpose and meaning; it’s leaders who need to be engaged! Not about yet another “engagement program.”

I wanted to do a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt project to increase Employee Engagement. But I wanted a simpler metric than the 12 questions Gallup asked. So I used the question: Of the Talents and Skills you have and would like to give to the company, what percentage of them would you say the company is taking advantage of? I couldn’t go to management and say that Gallup says average employee engagement is 30%, because every manager is going to say we are better than that, (I too believed we were), but needed data to prove that there was still room for improvement. While the 56% result I got was significantly better than Gallup’s number, and I know there is still room for improvement, I’m wondering what an upper limit expectation is? Any input on that would be appreciated.

In a holacratic organization, leadership is distributed across roles. Everybody ‘leads’ their roles. People are generally engaged intrinsically, so there is no need for special facilitation of engagement via (non-existing) leadership ranks in our organization. The questions are again coming from and directed towards old-paradigm organizations. Just sayin… 😉

If you missed the interview, read it here at Why Leadership Needs to Facilitate Engagement.

Please be sure to participate in a 1-minute survey at the end of the interview to expand the conversation, or you can go to it directly: Take the 1-Minute Facilitating Engagement Survey

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