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How far down the road does your perspective allow you to see?

In our just-published interview with Masa K. Maeda, CEO at Valueinnova, LLC, Masa states:

 “What I advocate is that silos disappear. The moment we change that perspective all mental barriers that limit true collaboration vanish. It becomes a lot easier for everybody to work together towards the common goal of creating something amazing.”

Often I think we talk about the importance of perspective. But do we consciously do that and how do we do it? 

I have a very personal story about perspective.

The events of September 11, 2001, triggered me to pursue a lifelong desire to learn how to fly. When I flew my first flight beyond the local airport, I flew to a small city that was about 90 miles away.

However, my perspective and reality were changed forever by that flight.

You see, I had driven to that nearby city many dozens of times by car. It was a long, slow and arduous trip along winding roads and traffic congested highways.

But what I saw from above from the wide open view from the cockpit totally riveted my attention. Instead of a long, arduous trip, I now could see the expanse of the entire journey laid out before me. Instead of traffic filled congested highways, I now saw beautiful mountains and the expanse of the open sky.

My awareness of a higher perspective was awakened. 

It totally changed everything and clearly led to the work that I now do. In fact, I was so taken by what I saw from above; I started photographing it and sharing what I was experiencing. You can check out some of the pictures here at Fox High Perspective.

A change in perspective is very powerful.

It’s what’s behind the questions we ask at Container13 and Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™. 

For more insights on perspective, check out our conversation with Masa here at Vanishing Mental Barriers that Limit True Collaboration.

What new perspective will you take in 2017?

Please share your thoughts in the comments or reply to start a personal conversation. I’d be happy to share more about what I’ve learned about perspective and learn from you as well.

To your great work life & success!


Team Container13

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