The story of Container13 started with a desire to have an impact on how organizations transform so that both sides, management and employees, come together to connect, co-operate and co-create in a rich, rewarding and satisfying environment, while serving the same overall business goal.

That search lead to an innovative interview series with 50 experts from around the world called 5 Minutes to Process Improvement Success, which was launched in 2010. The biggest surprise the series revealed was that it’s not about fancy tools and experts you bring in from outside but about a person, about YOU. It’s YOU that makes all the difference if you only are given a chance.

We kept searching and learned how to interact and work with organizations in ways that would allow management and employees to move closer into the middle to bridge the gap, hence allowing a new safer environment where every member matters while joined in serving the overall business purpose and goal.

Acknowledging the importance of acting as one united living organism, who not only depends on each of its unique members but supports, acts and lives as one whole, became more and more crucial, which led to a series of workshops and tools that address and work with key ideas such as the importance of creating safe spaces where people can speak out without a fear or threat towards them, the importance of asking the right questions and deep dialogue/active listening, and acknowledging different perspectives without judgement.

We were surprised and amazed how much any organization can do for its own good by simply becoming aware of its opportunities that are already available and putting the knowledge and wisdom that is already present in each of its members but lying dormant and unnoticed for the most part. We also learned that change is like a tango, it takes two (sides) to dance & succeed!

The biggest beauty of our own journey with Container13 as well as the biggest potential in any of you whether as individual or an organization is that we hold the riches within. So many people are not even aware of it. Once we give ourselves a chance to be brave and release what we already have, it will change who we are forever.

If we allow ourselves to do it together, the synergy that’s born with the process creates nothing less than pure magic.

A good work atmosphere, an opportunity to use your uniqueness, warm alive relations, strong connectedness, one acknowledged goal and hugely increased results is a bonus.

We at Container13 continue our journey with the goal to grow and develop so that we can bring use and benefit for every organization.

We help individuals and businesses become places where people can come fully alive and co-create astonishing results. We are teaching from our own personal experience. It’s what we have gone through ourselves. Once you live in these new ways, you want to embrace it fully.

We’re here to take you step by step.


The CONTAINER is the ALL. A point in time-space where all possibilities exist. The Present Power Source. Our intention was to create a container where all possibilities exist for our own work and to create safe containers where our work can emerge.

We wanted to create a “container” for the series of co-creative projects that had emerged for us as well as create space for new ground. At first these projects appeared to be a series of one-off projects that represented an expansion of our own evolutionary understanding and growth. But in time we realized these projects were related and lined up with a hierarchy of needs where individuals or organizations might find themselves. The word container was a natural fit.

Next, we wanted to choose a number that was unique and courageous. The number 13 met that test.

There is fascinating meaning behind the number 13. It is the number of upheaval, so that new ground can be broken.  Thirteen also has great power. Adapting to change gracefully will bring out the strength of the 13 vibration, and decrease any potential for the negative.


Bill Fox

For Bill, it started with 911 when it triggered him to come fully alive and pursue his lifelong dream to learn how to fly. He never imagined that he would be captivated by the higher perspective as seen from the cockpit. The flying experience changed him from the inside out, and he started sharing what he saw through his eyes at Bill Fox High Perspective.

Then in 2009, Bill set an intention to impact how organizations transform. Synchronicity then guided him forward through an ever evolving series of experiences and co-creations that led to this work and partnership.

Mari Grigorjan

Mari is an eternally curious student of nature, the cosmos, and the human spirit. Her mere presence inspires and energizes any gathering and interaction. She contributes deep universal wisdom and beautiful imagery to any conversation.

She began working with Bill in 2014. Her deep and enlightened understanding of personal change led to innovative insights that had a significant impact on Bill and his work. Mari brings an energetic presence and vigorous contributions that impact the field of any interaction.


When you’re ready, we’re ready to take the journey with you. We’re here to help co-create the change you want to see in yourself, in your business, and in the world.

Please join us to discover what else is possible

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