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The Engagement Problem
Employee engagement has been flat & muted for the past 15 years. How will your employees respond to yet another engagement initiative? Is it time to focus our attention elsewhere?
The Leadership Problem
For over 30 years, we’ve heard that leadership is the problem yet little changes despite all the attention and focus on it. How long are you willing to wait for leadership to show up?
The Resistance to Change Problem
Organizations repeatedly flock to the latest “silver bullet” & struggle with resistance. Wouldn't a better approach be one that everyone gets behind & excited about?

The forward-thinking workplace will need to embrace strategies that engage the purpose, creativity & potential of everyone while being informed by the many perspectives that are creating the workplace of the future today.

  The 4 Containers (4Cs) of Forward-Thinking Intelligence™

Forward-Thinking YOU™
It starts from YOU. New ways of thinking, being & self-leading to be more authentic, aware, collaborative & co-creative increasing your Forward-Thinking Intelligence™.
Forward-Thinking Workplaces™
New ways of engaging everyone to discover & embrace the subtler better things from thought leaders, business leaders, your organization & Container13 to help you thrive in today’s whitewater.
Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™
Global & workplace conversations in a safe container revealing our shared wisdom & the footprints to the emerging Forward-Thinking Workplace™.
Collective Intelligence Technology
Leveraging the cloud & social technology to create a safe container where every voice can be heard to harness & leverage collective intelligence.


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CONTAINER13 & Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™ is a hub of executive level insight & experience that saves time & effort to the busy professional who really cares about improving its organization from the business & human perspectives. ~Masa K Maeda, CEO Valueinnova, LLC


Stepping into the future looks a lot like this... I applaud the direction you are taking with this initiative. ~Gwen Kinsey, Transformational Leader & Past Broadcast Industry CEO

Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™